Laurent de Gregorio founded Lx Patrimoine in 2010 and Lx Corporate in 2013 after having dedicated his career to expertise and management in finance and banking.

Laurent and his network implement and coordinate strategies and actions in a very simple and Client oriented manner for active or retired Entrepreneurs, through two Business units:
Lx Patrimoine, which is a Family office, dedicated to protect and optimize Entrepreneurs and their family‘s Private wealth.
Lx Corporate , to support Entrepreneurs development or monetization of their company through corporate and strategic financial solutions


We carry on our projects with Open-mindedness, flexibility, ethics, and constant adaptation to environment in strict confidence.
We strive for inspiring respect, and passion from our business partners.
And above all: we pamper our Customers.


Laurent de Gregorio founded Lx Patrimoine in 2010 and Lx Corporate in 2013. He holds several Master’s degrees in Business, Finance, and Banking as well as an Executive MBA at HEC Paris.

He practised finance and banking industry during 20 years where he held different occupation in Corporate Finance, Private Wealth Management and Investment Managing department.

Laurent worked and studied in more than 30 different countries where he developed his open mindedness and passion for the others.


Through the last decades, Lx and its founder Laurent de Gregorio developed a large network of experts in various fields from Finance, Banking and Insurance to Risk mitigation and Strategy implementation especially in Emerging Markets.

Lx leans also on reliable Tax and legal experts, Art and real estate specialists.

Lx and its network have one goal: offering Financial Solutions and support for Entrepreneurs on a 24/7 basis. Expertise, Flexibility and moreover Reactivity are our 3 pillars.


Lx Corporate drafts and implements corporate finance solutions for innovative and growing mid size companies as well as start-up.
We provide advisory during mergers and acquisitions and development strategies.

We support our client development in Emerging markets through our TDS?network. (

Also active in Consulting Lx Corporate provides Umbrella company services for high level experts who need to mutualize resources and networks.

Your Multi-Family Officer act as a Conductor or a personal Chief Financial Officer for active or retired Entrepreneurs or Executives.
Lx Patrimoine is a Family Office Firm, we support clients over several generations regarding :

➲ Strategy and Risk Mitigation
➲ Tax and Legal issues
➲ Asset Management